Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tailor Made Boutique Suggestion

So once again I'm going to suggest another boutique that I love. I've followed this young lady on eBay for quite a while. Everything she does is amazing!

I always sit and wonder how much time it takes other seamstresses to create the beautiful outfits they showcase online. I always find myself saying that I wish I had the time to work like that. I can always come up with fab designs, but they never come to fruition.

So I find myself, ever so often, following someone else's work and marvelling at everything they do. This is how I found Bellabebeco. Honestly, I'm not sure if I even pronounce the name correctly, but I know Cynthia's awesome designs when I see them, even from just the thumbnails!

Bellabebeco used to be a part of the group StudioE, which is how I kept up with her awesome work, but now she is part of the group Polkadotz on eBay. There are some super powerhouses (as I call them!) in the Polkadotz group, which I will highlight later.

Cynthia makes awesome character outfits like Betty Boop. She also makes themed clothing, like Little Red Riding Hood, which comes complete with a red cape! She mixes designs and colors like a painter, and finishes them off with ruffles.

If you would like a preview of Bellabebeco from Cynthia herself, you can go here. I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do!

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