Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tailor Made Boutique Suggestion

So once again I'm going to suggest another boutique that I love. I've followed this young lady on eBay for quite a while. Everything she does is amazing!

I always sit and wonder how much time it takes other seamstresses to create the beautiful outfits they showcase online. I always find myself saying that I wish I had the time to work like that. I can always come up with fab designs, but they never come to fruition.

So I find myself, ever so often, following someone else's work and marvelling at everything they do. This is how I found Bellabebeco. Honestly, I'm not sure if I even pronounce the name correctly, but I know Cynthia's awesome designs when I see them, even from just the thumbnails!

Bellabebeco used to be a part of the group StudioE, which is how I kept up with her awesome work, but now she is part of the group Polkadotz on eBay. There are some super powerhouses (as I call them!) in the Polkadotz group, which I will highlight later.

Cynthia makes awesome character outfits like Betty Boop. She also makes themed clothing, like Little Red Riding Hood, which comes complete with a red cape! She mixes designs and colors like a painter, and finishes them off with ruffles.

If you would like a preview of Bellabebeco from Cynthia herself, you can go here. I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do!

Friday, January 29, 2010

My Tailor Made Models

I was talking with a friend at the dance studio a couple of days ago, and we were discussing pageants. She said that her girls would never go for that. She said they would complain about the dresses, and don't really like to be in one place for too long. She says they're not really girly girls, and that's ok, because she wasn't either.

I was quite the tomboy myself. There wasn't a tree I couldn't climb! I played tee ball, football, kickball, dodge ball, and anything I could to outdo the boys. But as I got older, I began to fall in love with ruffles and lace, earrings, and ribbon and perfume.

Once I began to have my own children, I felt blessed to have girls who were girly, because I want to put them in all the girly things I can! All of my girls love dance, fashion, shopping, and dress up. They also love the camera. All this makes it so much easier to showcase my creations to the world.

Alannah is my baby. At 3, she is the youngest to enter Mommy's tailor made world. Ironically, she's had the most benefit from it, because she's 3 and 4 years younger than her sisters. This makes hand-me-down clothes touch and go. Basically, it takes that many years for her to get into the clothes, so in the meantime, she's stuck out. So I've had to do quite a bit of sewing for her, so that she could have a wardrobe. The fact that her need came at the height of my creativity was a plus for her. Alannah loves new clothes. She also loves playing with her baby dolls, going to school, and baby ballet.

Michaela is my middle girl. I call her the closet diva! She's the one who loves tee ball, basketball, and football, but I'll catch her going through the fashion magazines. Michaela is the one who told me last year not to put her in dance this year, because she wanted to play basketball. But after she got her costumes and performed on stage, she was hooked. I knew Michaela was a little fashion girl when I started noticing how many times she'd change clothes in a day. She'd start out the day in a denim skirt, and end it in leggings. I actually had to threaten her to stop running through so many of her clothes in one day!

Michaela is 6. She also loves new clothes and shopping. She loves school, year round even, and she likes to write. She takes ballet, tap, and jazz, and she likes to play with her Bratz dolls with her big sister. Michaela loves posing for my photo shoots, which is great, because the camera loves her. I always have to choose which photos not to use, because almost every one she takes is beautiful. It's a good thing she's going to be tall, because there might be a career in modeling here!

Aaleigha was my first baby girl. At 8 she's my oldest daughter, and she knows it. And trust me, she lauds it over the other two! Aaleigha is the daughter I call my diva. She's very particular about everything. She can already dress herself perfectly, down to the shoes. She knows what things can go together, and which things can't. She even tried to correct me one day!

Though all my girls love the mall, I'd have to say that Aaleigha is my shopaholic. If we're in the store, she can find something she needs, and there's no shortage of those things! She likes jewelry, sunglasses, lip gloss, nail polish, purses...all the things a girl could want! It's almost hard to say no to her sometimes, because she's so good at what she picks out. She already knows that she wants to design clothes for a living, and has actually already begun to draw out some things. But Aaleigha's first passion is dance. She takes, tap, jazz, ballet, and hip hop. She's already trying to talk me into clogging for next year! She was chosen to perform in Production this year, which is exciting, so I hope this means bigger and better things are to come.

I'm so excited to share this sewing experience with my girls. I remember telling my husband, after I had my son, that we couldn't stop at just the boy that he was satisfied with. I said I needed a babydoll...and I got 3! And even though I'll never force them to be interested in everything, I'm so blessed to have three little girls who love to do what Mommy does!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tailor's Boutique World

Since I became good friends with Tailor, I discovered the world of boutique clothing. At first it was just awesome, but then it became overwhelming. Especially for a do you get into this world of buttons, lace, fabric, ruffles, tulle, and frilly creations without getting lost?

Needless to say, there will always be some who stand out among the crowd. Of course, to each his own, but there are a few custom made boutique designers who I follow regularly.

The first boutique I want to highlight is Cocoloka Boutique. Josie has to be a stitching genius! There's no limit to her imagination and creativity. I can sit back and look at her collections for hours! Pictures upon pictures of beautiful handmade clothing you want to dream about. You could never find anything close to outfits like these in
stores. If I was the type to have idols, I'd be her biggest
obsessive fan! I can see myself screaming like a crazed seamstress maniac: "I want to be just like you JOSIE!" The sky is the limit when it comes to her designs, and her craftsmanship is amazing.

You can check out her creations here. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

Tailor Made This

It's amazing how much Tailor made. In the past she was all there was. Even today what Tailor made is more expensive than store bought. Yet, there seems to be some kind of neverending stigma to her work. Tell anybody Tailor made your outfit, and you get a sea of mixed responses. Most will turn up their noses: "I can't believe Tailor made that for you, and you're wearing it!" Others will just think you're poor and can't afford to buy clothes, but they'll smile and pretend they like your outfit. Still others will genuinely adore your Tailor made garment, but would never actually wear it themselves.

Even though handmade clothing appear to be making a comeback, there is still some hesitation for the masses. The ironic part of this is that people will flock to a designer store and wear a "one of a kind," but that "one of a kind" was handmade by someone! I think it's time for seamstresses
to band together and bring back the honor that Tailor is due!

So with this blog, I intend to do my part to show the world what Tailor can do! I've seen many handmade outfits, and they're far superior to anything you can find in any store! Not to mention they're better made, and customed to fit you especially.

I started with my daughters. I introduced them to Tailor before any of them had the ability to remember, and now they actually prefer her to store clothing. Handmade clothing allow them to use creativity in choosing fabrics, colors, textures, ribbon and lace, and anything else they can dream up to add to a garment. I have helped them to appreciate at a very early age that the way of Tailor will always be the way to go!