Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tailor Made This

It's amazing how much Tailor made. In the past she was all there was. Even today what Tailor made is more expensive than store bought. Yet, there seems to be some kind of neverending stigma to her work. Tell anybody Tailor made your outfit, and you get a sea of mixed responses. Most will turn up their noses: "I can't believe Tailor made that for you, and you're wearing it!" Others will just think you're poor and can't afford to buy clothes, but they'll smile and pretend they like your outfit. Still others will genuinely adore your Tailor made garment, but would never actually wear it themselves.

Even though handmade clothing appear to be making a comeback, there is still some hesitation for the masses. The ironic part of this is that people will flock to a designer store and wear a "one of a kind," but that "one of a kind" was handmade by someone! I think it's time for seamstresses
to band together and bring back the honor that Tailor is due!

So with this blog, I intend to do my part to show the world what Tailor can do! I've seen many handmade outfits, and they're far superior to anything you can find in any store! Not to mention they're better made, and customed to fit you especially.

I started with my daughters. I introduced them to Tailor before any of them had the ability to remember, and now they actually prefer her to store clothing. Handmade clothing allow them to use creativity in choosing fabrics, colors, textures, ribbon and lace, and anything else they can dream up to add to a garment. I have helped them to appreciate at a very early age that the way of Tailor will always be the way to go!

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